Lucas training and consultancy are highly regarded by local authorities in the North West and work closely with schools, settings, centres and parents. Below are some testimonials from practitioners and parents who have had first hand experiences of what LTCL has to offer.

Comments include: outstanding advice, constructive and versatile, always eminently practical, accessible and up-to-date, wealth of advice, extremely useful, clear and concise, privileged to have been able to work so closely with Anna, our nursery has come a long way forward with all her support. 

Jill Da Costa - Head Teacher

Irlam Endowed Primary School - Salford

We were so impressed by the training session received from Lucas Training and Consultancy, we immediately booked two further sessions. Their expertise and knowledge shone through. Their ability to provide such a bespoke training experience, which was tailored to the candidate’s needs is a unique selling point.

Colette Bentley - School Improvement/ support & challenge

Liverpool Local Authority

I was delighted to be able to attend Striking the Balance. Thanks for supporting our schools with a clear and concise message that ties in with our LA message re continuity/ progression from EYFS - KS1 through active learning.

Nick Pounds - School Improvement Professional

Bolton Local Authority

Anna Lucas has provided outstanding advice and guidance to schools in Bolton who needed to develop the quality of their provision, teaching and learning in the early years. She has an honest, encouraging and positive manner - building upon strengths wherever possible as part of a constructive and versatile approach. It was great to observe Anna establishing trusting and supportive relationships with different staff teams – motivating and guiding practitioners at all levels with sensitivity and understanding of their particular needs, strengths and weaknesses. Her advice and the CPD she provides is always eminently practical, accessible and up-to-date.  She has the credibility and expertise to lift and inspire practitioners combined with the professional skills to deliver what’s needed in the best interests of children, their learning and development.

Maryam -  Manager

Islamia Nursery School, Bolton Local Authority 

Islamia Nursery is a faith nursery, where 99% of the children are of Ethnic minority and speak English as an additional language.  Anna carried out a parent’s information session about Linking Letters to Sounds. This session was proven to be extremely successful as many parents attended and showed sound understanding and interest in her presentation.

The setting received a huge amount of positive feedback, from parents, about how the session and the contents of the course assisted them in providing the essentials to support their child’s learning at home. Anna also provided booklets about letters and sounds as well as various websites that would assist them at home.

Staff attended the letters and sounds training, delivered by Anna, and found it to be extremely useful in putting this into practise at the setting. Over a small period of time, Anna visited the setting and supported the staff in best practice delivery of Phase 1 and provided practical advice in how this could be reflected within the environment for children to practise and apply their skills. She gave the staff inspiration and the confidence to deliver.  

I feel our nursery has come a long way forward with all her support, which is clearly demonstrated in the progress children, using the E-tracker. Communication, language and literacy is now, this is one of our strongest areas of learning.

Karen Graham - Head teacher

St Catherine's, Bolton Local Authority

Our early year’s data identified a worrying gender gap in emotional as well as writing development. Anna came along to work with us to help us unpick why our boys don't seem as interested in mark making and drawing. My staff were fascinated at Anna's explanations of what makes boys tick. She was instrumental in challenging the way we use role play and writing, particularly outdoors. Following on from this we have developed 'boy friendly' areas in the early years rooms, as well focused heavily on building up the boys' gross motor skills with movement exercises and 'big writing' outside. As a result our boys are now closing that worrying gap, particularly in nursery where they are far more enthusiastic about mark making -  for example they make lists, write notes in the role play areas, use clipboards and write signs on paper and on the tarmac. I cannot thank Anna enough for her advice and guidance in helping us make these positive changes.

Lesley Cooper - Deputy Head teacher

Sunning Hill , Bolton Local Authority

In our school the vast majority of our children have English as a second language, with 72% Indian and 18% Pakistani heritage. Anna came to introduce the CLLD project to school as our literacy attainment was causing concern. We have been very pleased with the ongoing results as Foundation Stage scores have increased from 48% of pupils achieving 6 points in reading to 63%. In writing 55% of pupils achieve 6 points, an increase from 36%. KS1 results have shown similar improvement with reading APS increasing from 13 to 14.8, and writing from 11.8 to 14.4.

Providing focussed professional development for our staff, particular to our individual needs, Anna modelled best practice in guided reading and phonics teaching. Leading staff meetings, Anna provided opportunities for teachers to discuss the possibilities of enhancing the environment alongside the implementation of a structured phonics programme. Comments included; ‘I saw things in the classroom that I had never noticed before’, ‘It encouraged me to look at my classroom in a totally different way’, ‘eye-opening!’.

Working with Anna to monitor standards encouraged us to look at data in a systematic way. We now measure phonic progress half termly and compare the data with our progress in the FS profile. All staff are more confident in the teaching of letters and sounds, and in their ability to assess progress accurately. There is a shared understanding which has encouraged greater professional dialogue.

Anne Washington – Deputy Head teacher

Horwich Parish, Bolton Local Authority

Anna had huge impact in our reception class in a variety of ways. With hands on support Anna was able to support and guide our staff to provide a learning environment which supported children’s independence, whilst providing a stimulating, safe and secure learning environment. Clearly labelled resources ensured an appropriate range of activities was provided within different areas of learning. Anna redesigned the areas so that the classroom space was utilised to the benefit of the children’s learning.

In addition, Anna provided support in CLLD which helped to guide all Key Stage One staff. Support included: Letters and Sounds ideas, and implementing effective guided reading sessions.

Emma Davison - Reception Class teacher

Red Lane Primary School, Bolton Local Authority

Anna has provided me with a wealth of amazing advice, guidance and support to impact on my teaching in early years. She has helped me develop my own CPD, the quality of teaching and learning in Early Years and quality of the provision I provide the children.

Anna is always very enthusiastic and it is impossible not to feel enthused by her passion for Early Years teaching and the progress of young children. She works with strengths of staff and resources and aims to build on what is already available and established in the classroom.  

She has totally inspired me to constantly strive to provide a rich language based environment to deliver experiences which help each child to succeed. The support she has given me has made me realise I too, have a passion for working within the EYFS. I feel privileged to have been able to work so closely with Anna and be trained in such a positive way.