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Here you will find our collection of online and FREE downloadable resources to keep you up to date with current national priorities and to support your practice in the EYFS and KS1 and KS2. This part of our website is going to be continually updated over the next coming months and academic year.



Statutory Framework 2014 (updated)
EYFS - NC Progression document  
Questions to Support EYFSP  
Development Matters EYFS 
Early Years Outcomes
Learning, Playing and Interacting 
School Inspection Handbook 
EYFS Framework 2014 
EYFS Ofsted 2015 
Getting it right first time
What to expect, when?
Teaching and play in the early years: a balancing act?


Supporting Mathematical Development  


The Williams Review 

Number, Patterns, Laying the Foundations

Thinking Mathematically: Essential Knowledge

Messy Maths  

Mathematical Mark Making Taxonomy

Supporting Phonic Development

Getting them Reading Early  

Teaching Tricky Words

Y1 Screening Check 2014: Using data to inform practice

Letters and Sounds Overview

Oral blending and segmenting guide  

Recommended apps

Analytical breakdown of the Screening Check Words

Nursery Tracking 
Reception Tracking 
Year 1 Tracking 
Year 2 Tracking 
Year 3 - 6 Tracking 

    Phase 1 - Firm Foundations in Phonics

    Example Learning and Development Card

    Phase 2 - Securing the Basics

    Phase 3 - Securing the Basics

    Phase 4 - Securing the Basics

    Phase 5    - The Higher Levels of Phonics

    Support for Spelling - Competent Spellers