Anna Lucas Director/Lead Consultant

Anna has specialised in Early Years and Key Stage One as a teacher, consultant and a trainer. She is now an independent trainer and consultant working across local authorities nationally and internationally. 

Anna has passionate commitment to ensuring quality practice in the early years with confident practitioners and improving outcomes for young children. This is reflected in her extensive work working in partnership with managers in local authorities, schools and settings to embed good practice supporting young children’s early development.

Evaluations consistently maintain that Anna provides excellent, people friendly, training and consultancy which is founded on keen insights into how young children learn and develop. Practical advice and support to move practice has been described as inspiring and achievable. She has an established reputation and had successful experiences in working with management, staff and parents in schools and settings.

Hayley Kearns Associate Consultant

We are delighted to welcome Hayley to Lucas Training and Consultancy. Hayley has vast teaching experience working across all primary phases. She is an experienced leader in Literacy and has played a significant role in senior leadership teams in the schools she worked in. Internal and external evaluations consistently concur that Hayley’s teaching and leadership and management capacity are consistently good to outstanding.

Hayley leads two successful companies, which provide quality music and physical phonics sessions in schools and settings across North West local authorities for children.

Most recently, Hayley’s work as an independent trainer and consultant has been immediately recognised as excellent practice, due to rapid progress made by all children involved. Areas of strength include securing effective parental engagement, providing targeted support for more vulnerable pupils in different year groups and supporting leaders and managers in schools to enhance the quality of Literacy provision across the school.