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In 2019, a company called FrontRow UK offered Anna a  Juno to use in her training, teaching and author visits.


What is a Juno I hear you ask? Anna asked the same question. She had never heard of it...


After brief investiagtion, she found out that a Juno was a sound field system to enhance the quality of the sound in  learning environments and support your voice. She thought well, why not..?


After using this piece of technology for the [past 9 months for author visits, training, keynotes, workshops and phonics teaching, Anna  quickly started to discover the subtle yet significant multifaceted impact of the use of a Juno has for children and teaching. 


Anna is currently working with a group of schools, as part of a case study, to find out what the impact is for them and their children after living and breathing Juno in their classrooms.


The teachers using them have been blown away by the use of their Junos in their learning environment for themselves as a teachers in terms of improved wellbeing, more teaching and learning time, reduced stress and so much more.


Also, the impact on children’s learning and progress have been quite extraordinary in so many areas, noticeably in the teaching of phonics, spelling, reading and writing. One of the key findings so far is that it has eradicated any low level behaviour... "it has literally disappeared and there is more time for learning."


If you would like to find out more, contact Anna for 21 day Juno Experience at your school, completely free of charge.